Pokimane Encounter With Company CEO

Rose Andres Amiel October 13, 2022
Pokimane Encounter With Company CEO

On October 12th, Aria Saki and Imane “Pokimane,” a popular Twitch content creator, got together. The former reported a conversation in which a friend referenced a person who desired to meet the Twitch star.

The Moroccan-Canadian streamer disclosed that the person wanted to speak with her over Zoom and was prepared to pay Bitcoin for the opportunity. She uttered: “You know, one of my friends told me that a guy tried to pay him, to get us to meet him. Even like, over Zoom. He’s like, ‘Yeah’, he was like, ‘If you want to take cash, I’ll pay you in Bitcoin. I just want to meet her.'” 

On Imane’s October 12th livestream, Aria Saki mentioned witnessing a person try to pay a bouncer to get into an event at the 02:53 mark. The co-founder of OfflineTV used the occasion to disclose that one of her friends had told her that someone was willing to pay BitCoin for a Zoom call conversation with Pokimane. When Aria Saki heard this, she was shocked and yelled: “Oh my god, that’s crazy! Probably the same guy, bro.”

Pokimane pondered what occurs “behind the scenes” as the conversation progressed. “At least my friend actually told me. But it makes me wonder like, what goes on behind the scenes that you never hear of.”

Imane revealed additional details about the individual and claimed that he was purportedly a CEO of a company: “Some dudes are crazy, and this guy was like, a CEO of a company. That’s all I’m going to say. Yeah, I mean that’s how he’s got the money to do s**t like that.” 

The discovery astounded Aria Saki, who suddenly stated: “Oh Jesus! That is weird.”