Pokimane and xQc Meet

TwitchAddict November 5, 2021
Pokimane and xQc Meet

Fans of Pokimane and xQc enjoy following the two streamers’ social media interactions. However, few people are aware of the first time the streamers met.

Pokimane recently shared a throwback video from when the two streamers first met on her alternative YouTube channel, Pokimane Too. “This is my crew.” Pokimane says.

Pokimane mentioned xQc and Greek as members of her crew in a throwback video she released. The video was taken at TwitchCon 2019, where the streamers met for the first time in person.

Pokimane and xQc talked about roleplaying games for a while before another streamer, Greekgodx, brought up xQc’s health. xQc appeared to be sick and tired during TwitchCon, as evidenced by the video. When Pokimane inquired how he was feeling, he said that his body was fine and that he wanted to get out and do things. The two streamers had an adorable conversation and discussed what they may do later in the day.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel have a great relationship, with the streamers frequently reacting to each other’s online antics. Fans enjoy seeing the duo communicate, whether it’s xQc proclaiming Pokimane the most attractive streamer in the community or Pokimane criticizing xQc for supporting gambling streams.

Many fans began shipping xQc with Pokimane during xQc’s brief separation from his girlfriend, Adept. The community expected the streamers to start dating, however it was quickly revealed that they were merely friends, and xQc resumed dating Adept.

xQc and Pokimane have been streaming Valorant together more recently, especially since the RTS co-founder hit the game’s ‘Immortal’ milestone. Fans enjoy watching their gameplay streaming and frequently request that the duo stream games together more frequently.