Mizkif Talks About Friendship With xQc

Rose Andres Amiel March 14, 2023
Mizkif Talks About Friendship With xQc

On March 14, Twitch star Matthew “Mizkif” did a livestream to discuss the just-concluded Streamer Awards.

Mizkif felt upset while talking about a “heart-to-heart” conversation he had with Felix “xQc” during the stream. Mizkif also opened up about reconciling with Felix. The content producer continued by saying that although many of their fans were aware of his and xQc’s friendship, they had known each other for a very long period.

The story that the two streamers didn’t get along, according to Mizkif’s response to the critics, was “completely false.” He declared: “Chat, we don’t want problems. We’re all human. And at one point, it’s me, xQc, Lacari, Esfand, Poke, and Erobb. We’re all taking shots. It was like, ‘Damn!’ And we’re all having fun with each other. We’re f**king around. It was like, ‘Damn! This is what I wanted.’ It was really nice to see.”

When Mizkif brought up reuniting with xQc at The Streamer Awards 2023 around the 02:20 mark of his broadcast on March 14, the discussion on the subject started. He declared: “We both look at each other. I gave him a nod and he gives me a nod. And I go over to him and… he, dude… we had a pretty serious heart-to-heart. It was nice. He, like, helped me. He was like… it was nice. Yes, I cried again and he might have too, honestly. It was… it was very nice. ‘You’re an emotional p*ssy.’ Chat, do you know? What the hell? Okay, like, have you ever met xQc? You’d cry too.”

A short while later, the One True King (OTK) co-founder responded to people who had asserted that the two streams were at odds. Mizkif denied the allegations and noted that, back in the day, he and xQc had one of the best IRL streams: “We go way back. Like, we go, me and xQc go back five years, almost. We go way back! And I think a lot of people think that like, ‘Oh, me and him never were friends. We don’t like each other. We never do it.’ It’s just completely false. He used to live right next to me. We used to hang out. In my opinion, we had the best IRL streams ever, which is when he was stuck Downtown, and me and Poke saved him.”

Mizkif continued by emphasizing that they weren’t hostile to one another: “And people are like, ‘Oh, everyone always hated each other.’ It’s not true, dude. We were all boys. 2018-2019, we were all boys.”