Maoan Banned

TwitchAddict October 9, 2021
Maoan Banned

Chien ‘Maoan’ Mao-An of Beyond Gaming has been banned for the rest of Worlds 2021 for allegedly disclosing draft information to individuals in order to give them an edge in betting on the games.

Maoan reportedly leaked draft information in order to provide the beneficiaries of the alleged leaks an advantage in betting, as first reported by PCS host Jenny ‘Reirachu’ Lee on Twitter. Lee alleges that Beyond Gaming owner Xue ‘DinTer’ Hong-Wei appeared on broadcast and threatened to terminate the accused mid laner in her tweets.

The claims against Maoan revolve around the alleged leak of drafts in order to provide bettors an advantage in match wagers. Leaked screenshots of Maoan’s chat revealed he was sending champion picks to an unknown user, as well as urging them not to gamble high due to the risky nature of the picks, according to additional reports.

Riot Games has suspended Maoan in response to the claims, stating; “The Competitive Operations team obtained definitive evidence showing Maoan provided inside information to a friend for the purposes of wagering on today’s match. Maoan will be suspended for the remainder of the 2021 World Championship.”

After overcoming Galatasaray Esports in a five-game series on Thursday, Beyond Gaming is still competing in the League of Legends World Championship. In the Play In Knockouts this evening, they will face Korean fourth-seed Hanwha Life Esports for a spot in the Group Stage. To keep their tournament aspirations alive, the PCS team suffered in the Play Ins and had to beat Unicorns of Love in a tiebreaker this week.