Ludwig’s Thoughts On Subathons

Ennan Zapanta June 9, 2022
Ludwig’s Thoughts On Subathons

Despite popularizing the idea and hosting the most successful subathon of all time, YouTube streamer and content creator Ludwig refers to subathons as “boring” in a new video released today.

Subathons are extended streaming in which the streamer determines the value of each subscription and adds that value to the remaining broadcast time. Subathons have been used by streamers to raise revenue and audience by remaining on broadcast for weeks or months at a time. Despite the fact that numerous streams, notably iiTzTimmy, Tectone, and Ironmouse, have all run extremely successful subathons, Ludwig remains the king. In 2021, his month-long subathon smashed Twitch’s all-time peak subscription record, with 283,066 total active members.

Ludwig expressed his “lukewarm” stance on a recent edition of Mogul Mail, despite having a hand in the trend’s rise. 

Ludwig said; “Subathons are boring as fuck, right? The content of a subathon is just inherently boring. You are live for 24 hours so there is less curated content.”

Ludwig demonstrated his point with a pie chart that detailed all of the stuff that went into his personal subathon. The graph indicated how much time he spent playing games, reacting to content, cooking, and other activities. Because sleeping accounted for 21.5 percent of Ludwig’s stream, the graph revealed that his stream featured considerably more “everyday” behaviors than any quantity of content. Ludwig said; “[A subathon] is just a human living their life. It’s more Truman Show than content creator creating content worth consuming,”

Despite his misgivings about the subathon trend, the YouTuber stated that he will have another subathon in the future, but this time it will be for a good cause. Ludwig is still brainstorming ways to make his next subathon more interesting, and fans can only wait for more information.