Ludwig: Twitch Versus YouTube

Ennan Zapanta March 4, 2022
Ludwig: Twitch Versus YouTube

Ludwig is one of the most well-known internet content creators. He began his career streaming on Twitch, where he gained a large fan base. His work was well-liked by viewers of all ages, but things took a turn when Ludwig revealed that he would be switching from Twitch to YouTube Gaming.

Many of Twitch’s finest talent, like DrLupo, TimTheTatman, DrDisrespect, and, of course, Ludwig, have recently joined YouTube Gaming. The former Twitch streamer revealed the depressing reality of being a Twitch streamer in a recent interview with Colin and Samir on their podcast. 

He discussed the differences between Twitch and YouTube streamers’ lives. While Ludwig has switched to YouTube, and it’s easy to assume that he’d prefer the latter platform in his comparison, things aren’t entirely incorrect when it comes to Twitch. Ludwig mentioned this on the Colin and Samir podcast: “Twitch streamers are like an underbelly. They’re barely able to survive as humans. Half of them Uber Eats every single meal. They never pay any of their bills. Taxes are something they just forget about. And I was the same, I was slipping. As opposed to YouTubers who are well put together, like basically Silicon Valley people to some extent – Twitch streamers will push themselves to go 150, 200, 250, 300 hours in a month, which is absurd. You know it’s like double a workweek just streaming.”

Ludwig stated openly after joining YouTube that he will not participate in subathons, which are comparable to Twitch where streamers keep their stream active until the timer runs out. The countdown clock gets a few seconds longer with each donation from the audience.

He declared, “I’m never doing another subathon. Whatever you call it, I’m not doing it! Look, unless! Caveat. Unless it was for a charity event. And then I would consider it. Like, if someone came to me and said it would be $100,000 a day to charity. Then I’ll stay live for that day. Keep going from there, you know what I mean? But that’s very hypothetical.”

Returning to the YouTuber vs. Twitch Streamer debate, Ludwig added: “So then it’s like, okay when are you doing your laundry man? And the answer is, they’re not.”