Ludwig Hits Back Against Dr Disrespect

Ennan Zapanta March 29, 2022
Ludwig Hits Back Against Dr Disrespect

After calling the Streamer Awards a “fake show,” Dr Disrespect battled with Ludwig and QTCinderella, prompting them to hit back over Midnight Studios Founders Pass NFTs. 

Many celebrities responded to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards, including the two-time Oscar winner. He defined the slap as “nothing impressive” as the arbiter of violence, speed, and momentum. This provoked a retort from ConnorEatsPants, who pushed Doc to attend the Streamer Awards next year so he could “cause a scene” — something he couldn’t do because he still can’t appear on Twitch streams following his inexplicable ban, even after the legal fight over it was resolved. 

Doc retaliated by roasting the Streamer Awards to fire. He said; “Imagine creating a fake awards show to give your best friends credit for something they’re not even close to competing in.”

Ludwig was understandably upset, as his partner QTCinderella had worked really hard to make it happen. He said referring to Midnight Studio’s Founders Pass NFTs; “I’ll ask QT to include NFT’s in the gift bag. That should help you make an appearance.”

Doc responded stating; “The difficulty of the truth sometimes hits tough, doesn’t it? You called everyone you could to try to win some sort of streamer of the year award, and you did. I give you two more years of relevance. That’s it.”