Karl Jacobs Confused

Ennan Zapanta January 17, 2022
Karl Jacobs Confused

Disguised Toast landed a kill in Pokimane’s new Among Us YouTube video that left Karl Jacobs speechless. When Karl approached the corpse of the Corpse Husband, he was surprised to find that he had walked away from the crime scene.

In Among Us, two teams of Imposters and Crewmates compete to win the game by completing their goals. Imposters strive to murder them by undermining essential supplies like lights and oxygen as the former fulfill various tasks across the map. Imposters and Crewmates both received new jobs in a recent update, one of which being the morphling role. In this particular role, a player will be able to change their appearance to that of another player.

Using this, they can get a murder in front of a huge group of people while effectively concealing their true identities.

During a round in the video, legendary Among Us player Disguised Toast played this role. While disguised as another player, he intended to kill Corpse Husband in a conspicuous way, and the user he chose to imitate was Karl Jacobs.

Karl walked, approaching the body, passing Toast, as Toast killed Corpse. He then summoned a conference and reported the deceased body, describing what had just happened as a complete blunder. 

Toast’s imposter abilities were demonstrated in this total nightmare of communication uncertainty, which made for a funny moment. However, his ‘1000 IQ’ play at the height of the game’s popularity had him considered as the top Among Us player at the time. Disguised Toast still possesses the competence and intellectual prowess to keep his position as the finest Among Us Imposter, thanks to this masterfully executed kill. With this new morphing job, he will undoubtedly become the ultimate masked killer.