Kai Cenat Beats Ludwig All Time Sub Record

Rose Andres Amiel March 1, 2023
Kai Cenat Beats Ludwig All Time Sub Record

Kai Cenat had a dream when he began Black History Month, and today he leads Twitch as the streamer with the most concurrent subscribers overall, surpassing Ludwig’s previous record.

By the end of February, on the 28th day of his subathon, Cenat beat Ludwig’s record. By 5:30 CT, he received his 283,067th, breaking the previous record. 28 days into his 30-day subathon, Cenat surpassed the fabled milestone. Cenat, who coordinated a month-long subathon, made a concerted attempt to accomplish the accomplishment. The occasion was similar to Ludwig’s, who two years prior shattered Ninja’s 2018 record. With 269,154 subscriptions concurrently, Ninja previously held the record in April 2018. Ninja is the first streamer to surpass 200,000 active subscribers. Cenat has stated during his subathon that simply breaking the record is insufficient. By 6 p.m. CT, about 30 minutes after setting his goal, he became the first streamer to ever reach 300,000 subscribers, breaking new ground.

Each channel is permitted to provide a monthly paid service called a Twitch membership. Monthly subscriptions are available and cost $4.99. Viewers that subscribe to a channel can purchase personalized emotes to use in the chat room as well as a badge for their name in the conversation. Some creators also grant members exclusive rights, such as entry to sub-only chat rooms and streams as well as access to community Discord servers. 

Cenat’s record-breaking performance beat Ludwig, a current YouTuber, who had previously held the mark. Ludwig’s subathon lasted 31 days in 2021, from March 14 to April 13. He had 1,730 subscribers the day before he began his marathon live. Although Cenat had a considerable advantage before he began his subathon, this does not necessarily imply that he had a disadvantage. According to TwitchTracker, he started his campaigns at 5:00 PM CT on February 1 and had 57,327 subscribers by the conclusion of the month.

However many of the subscribers from that month probably dropped out before the end of his ongoing subathon, necessitating new subscriptions from viewers during the event.