HasanAbi Interviewed Leanbeefpatty

Rose Andres Amiel March 21, 2023
HasanAbi Interviewed Leanbeefpatty

Patricia “Leanbeefpatty,” a well-known fitness enthusiast and cosplayer, was interviewed by Hasan “HasanAbi” on his most recent Twitch stream.

The subject of dread came up while she and Bradley Martyn were having numerous conversations. The cosplayer was asked by the streamer what she dreaded, and without hesitation, she took the question to a very real place. HasanAbi was not anticipating that kind of response when she brought up the one thing that frightened her. “That was insanely dark, dude! What the f**k?”

With more than 4 million followers on TikTok and 100,000+ followers on Twitter, Leanbeefpatty is a content developer and cosplayer. She’s well known for her workout videos and stylish outfits. Recently, she sat down with HasanAbi and Bradley Martyn to talk about a variety of issues, but they eventually got to talking about fear. “What else, what else. I dunno, what scares you?”

Leanbeefpatty instantly discussed existential dread and what she fears the most, refusing to respond with a straightforward answer like an animal or a particular sort of person. The only thing that truly terrifies me is reaching the end of your life and reflecting back on it and feeling dissatisfied or disappointed. I’m done now. Really nothing else. Existential dread, or the anxiety of believing one’s life was a waste, is undoubtedly a mental issue that many people struggle with. HasanAbi felt surprised that Leanbeefpatty had made the statement without thinking about it first. “That was insanely dark, dude! What the f**k? What the f**k? I thought you were gonna say like, spiders! What the f**k was that?”

This was a topic that Bradley and Leanbeefpatty had already explored on another show, they noted. HasanAbi’s answer made it evident that he had anticipated something different. Because of Leanbeefpatty’s response, the Twitch streamer claimed he was now confined to worrying about existential dread.