Hasan Shares Thoughts Why xQc Rarely Wins Awards

Rose Andres Amiel March 14, 2023
Hasan Shares Thoughts Why xQc Rarely Wins Awards

The Best Variety Streamer prize went to Twitch star xQc at the 2023 Streamer Awards, but he maintains this was the worst year of his career and wonders where the Awards were then. Hasan responded to xQc’s remarks by responding to his query.

The Streamer Awards, an all-out celebration of well-known streamers with recognition for those just starting out, just ended. It is vital to clarify that awards were given out primarily based on anonymous popular vote, with pre-selected jury votes acting as “second” votes that were “less powerful” than the votes cast by the anonymous popular vote.

Even though xQc was named Variety Streamer of the Year, he questioned why this was the first award of this kind he had received in what he thought was his worst year in a very long time. Hasanabi suggested that this might be the case since choosing xQc would have been too obvious at the time because he was without a doubt the biggest streamer. 

For the official Streamer Awards broadcast, the whole speech by xQc was televised. Before getting to the “heavier part” of his speech, as xQc called it, he thanked QT for hosting the event and praised early adopters in the variety streaming category.

He explained; “It’s kind of crazy this year, like, I get nominated twice and I win two awards, and it’s like – this is my worst year, both in terms of my career and my personal life. I’m just f**g trash, and then I win twice. Where was everybody at the last three years when I have been doing good?”

Hasanabi claimed that he might know why xQc suddenly won two in a row after not being granted previously.  Hasanabi said; “He’s saying, like, all these other award shows that are not fan-backed, always overlooked him. And I think I know why. I think, partially, it was because he was just the established GOAT, you know what I mean? That it was a given. He’s not gonna win it every year, so they kinda never gave it to him.”