Fans Trolling Fox News

Ennan Zapanta May 14, 2022
Fans Trolling Fox News

Fans of Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel somehow trolled a Fox News reporter into giving the creator a high school graduation congratulations message.

xQc is one of the most prominent content creators on Twitch, and as a result, he has a lot of fans who want to intentionally annoy him. While some fans will stream snipe in order to destroy his gaming experience or to promote themselves, others will take a different strategy. Now, his community has mocked a local Fox News station into congratulating the streaming sensation on his high school graduation, and it’s funny. 

Clarice Tinsley, a Fox 4 broadcast reporter from Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas, sent a wonderful high school graduation message to the 26-year-old streaming sensation in a tweet on May 6. The tweet claimed, “Felix Lengyel will graduate from Highland Park High School Cum Laude. He’s in the Computer Science National Honor Society & the Math National Honor Society. He’ll attend the University of California-Berkley to study Computer Science, Italian language & Literature.”

The tweet has received over 37k likes so far, with xQc’s fans responding with memes about the streamer in the comments.