Fans Spot ‘Female xQc’ On Twitch

Rose Andres Amiel March 9, 2023
Fans Spot ‘Female xQc’ On Twitch

Zastela has been using Twitch for a long time. She primarily broadcasts video games and “Just Chatting”. Even though she had a respectable following, her channel saw a significant increase in subscribers once she participated in the AustinShow-produced episode of the popular Twitch dating competition Love or Host. Also, it appears that she has assumed the identity of “Female xQc”.

When viewers began to compare Zestela’s speech patterns to those of one of the most well-known male Twitch streamers, Félix Lengyel aka xQc, they quickly realized that they were strikingly similar. Since X was in attendance, it didn’t take long for viewers to make the connection. The streamer experienced a tremendous surge of new followers following the publicity. Currently, she has more than 59K followers. Around 40% of the total followers, or about 22k, were added after her entry into the show. The internet began referring to her as “female xQc” and “zQc” after this. 

Zastela launched her channel in 2017, and over the course of the last six years (five of which she has spent regularly streaming), she has racked up a respectable number of subscribers. Yet following her participation in the program, her popularity soared. Recently, her streams are receiving more viewers than usual, but there might be a drawback to this.

Her speaking patterns were immediately identified in the show since they were similar to Felix’s. Even X believed she was trying to insult him by imitating his manner of speaking because she was so similar to his. But she quickly clarified that it was just how she spoke. The personality and originality of the individual determines how online content is created and how it is consumed. Every creative needs to have a distinctive style in order to stand out in the ever expanding sector and become well-known to the general public.

Although being referred to as the “female xQc” initially boosts her confidence, her career may be negatively impacted in the long run because her identity is still largely reliant on another person.