Dr Disrespect Responded To YouTube Suspension

Rose Andres Amiel June 7, 2023
Dr Disrespect Responded To YouTube Suspension

After watching Apple’s WWDC keynote, popular streamer Dr. Disrespect was abruptly suspended from YouTube. He has since responded.

The two-time Blockbuster video game winner, who was permanently banned from Twitch over three years ago, has established himself on YouTube. Despite the mystery surrounding his Twitch suspension, he has continued to be a tremendously popular streamer on YouTube, where he and IShowSpeed, another banned Twitch streamer, held the top spot in 2022. However, on June 5, 2023, the Doc abruptly received a ban from YouTube despite nearly three years of good behavior, shocking viewers.

Like any other tech fan, Doc watched Apple’s WWDC event on June 5 to learn about a number of new items, including the release of iOS 17 and a 15-inch Macbook Air. He didn’t anticipate being banned from YouTube, but that’s exactly what occurred for broadcasting copyrighted video. During the incident, The Doc’s stream abruptly ended with the message: “Stream suspended for Policy Violations.” Fortunately, Doc’s stream quickly resumed operation, although he took sure to pause viewing Apple’s keynote presentation. 

The two-time was initially perplexed by his brief exile. He questioned, “What, I guess we can’t watch the Apple event, or what?” he asked. “Is that the issue? I just wanna see this headset, man. Give me back my son! You can’t stop the Doc.”

Naturally, Doc couldn’t resist making fun of his fellow streamers after it was discovered that xQc had watched his broadcast after finding out he had received a warning from YouTube. “xQc is watching?” he asked. “YouTube might be a little more stern on this one.” 

For the time being, Dr. Disrespect’s life appears to be back in order. This is only the most recent piece of information regarding the two-time since he broke character last week to promote the second batch of his Black Steel Bourbon.