Dr Disrespect On Halo Infinite As Being Incredible

Ennan Zapanta November 19, 2021
Dr Disrespect On Halo Infinite As Being Incredible

Since its surprise launch, Dr Disrespect has heaped praise on Halo Infinite, suggesting it’s just one big modification away from being a truly fantastic game, one he’d be willing to grind “non-stop” for months. 

In recent years, the two-time has had a hard time pleasing gamers, with CoD Vanguard nearly being canceled on day one, Warzone a no-go zone for the star, and Battlefield 2042 all but forgotten. The YouTube sensation, on the other hand, appears to have discovered the game he wants to “sink hours and hours into” and climb the ranking ladders within Halo Infinite. He’s not alone; Infinite has already broken a few key records, and the prevailing view is that Microsoft’s franchise is on the mend. The Doc, on the other hand, has one issue.

Halo Infinite, according to the two-time, is just one significant adjustment away from being an all-time great right out of the gate: the “woeful” way it exhibits damage. 

Dr Disrespect spent the majority of his November 18th stream working his way up the solo queue ranks in Halo Infinite. During his seven-hour journey, the two-time mentioned one aspect of Halo that irritates him. The problem, he claims, is that when it comes to notifying players when they’re about to die, the game is “here, there, and everywhere.” Because Infinite does a “poor” job of conveying damage through visuals, dueling enemies will frequently finish differently than the player expected.

Doc, on the other hand, is awarding Halo top marks if they can pull that off.

Here’s what he stated; “The amount of damage I’m receiving from another player, their shots… It’s not like I really want to be blinded by all the VFX and audio and my controller vibrating out of its mind, but if 343 can just boost up the [damage] messaging, that would make the whole game incredible. Much, much better. Sometimes it’s just “Brr! Brr! ” and I’m dead. You never get the feeling [you’ll die]. And then when you get a team shot, that messaging gets even harder.”

Another thing Dr Disrespect has come back to multiple times during his Halo grind is the multiplayer maps available in the game’s 4v4 modes. While it’s not a deal-breaker, the Doc does wish 343 Industries’ designs were more diverse. Old franchise maps like Warlock and Sanctuary — or, more accurately, their “vibes” — are currently absent from the rotation. However, he quickly admitted that this may be resolved in future versions. 

Overall, Doc says he loves the game: “I’m sitting here wanting to play. Every time I finish [a match] I want to get straight into the lobby, I’m down to play again.”