Disguised Toast Requires Security Guard

Ennan Zapanta May 16, 2022
Disguised Toast Requires Security Guard

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, a popular Twitch streamer, has disclosed why he needs personal security when doing IRL streams.

Disguised Toast is one of Twitch’s most popular content creators, with a large weekly audience tuning in to watch his comedic streams. Disguised Toast, like other renowned people, is frequently recognized in his ordinary life. Although this is to be anticipated for someone with 2.6 million followers, there are instances when the extra attention might be detrimental. IRL streaming, after all, can lead to some unexpected outcomes. While most interactions with the general public do not end in violence, there are times when things can swiftly spiral out of control. Disguised Toast, on the other hand, has his own security.

During a recent stream, Disguised Toast disclosed that when recording IRL content, each OTV member has their own security. 

He explained; “Bodyguard is probably not the right term, but each of us has security with us. It’s just in case something happens, which I think is pretty normal these days.”

This is certainly a smart move from OTV, especially since IRL streams can lead to some rather unpleasant and even dangerous encounters. Despite this, Disguised Toast was quick to make light of the situation, explaining why he requires protection. He added; “For me, I’m getting really, really famous. I have to find a way to keep all the ravenous women at bay [and to stop them] from swarming me. Security helps with that.”