Disguised Toast Hilarious Pokemon Legends Stream

Ennan Zapanta January 28, 2022
Disguised Toast Hilarious Pokemon Legends Stream

Disguised Toast, a Twitch personality, is presently playing through the new open-world game Pokemon Legends Arceus. His quest to collect creatures, on the other hand, isn’t going well.

Disguised Toast has begun his journey through the Hisui area in Pokemon Legends Arceus, inviting his fans to accompany him on his journey. Legends Arceus, on the other hand, puts a greater emphasis on exploring the open environment than earlier games in the series.

When catching the game’s colorful critters, trainers can now freely explore their surroundings for the first time. There are plenty of secrets awaiting players, whether it’s ascending massive mountaintops or surfing through immense lakes. The environment, as well as the Pokemon who live there, can be quite harmful. When Disguised Toast went out to investigate a certain spot, he came across exactly this.

Toast encountered a humorous predicament during his stream of Pokemon Legends Arceus on January 25, in which his character spawned into danger on a regular basis. The streamer immediately found that his faithful mount didn’t clear the water as gracefully as he’d planned after attempting to jump over a stream with Wyrdeer. Toast, on the other hand, was flung into the depths below by the Pokemon, leaving him to watch while his trainer flailed around aimlessly. His character slipped back into the ocean and drowned for the second time after resurfacing into the map.

The chat, on the other hand, was in a state of hysteria after his third respawn. Toast paused before entering any directives to prevent the spawn trap from continuing. As a result, he spent the time assessing the situation and devising a safer route to cross the river.

But a nearby Buizel had other ideas, and Toast’s character was rammed into by the water-type Pokemon, sending him tumbling into the sea once more. Toast’s adventure through the Hisui region couldn’t have come at a better time, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.