Corpse Husband’s New Project Coming Soon

Ennan Zapanta January 28, 2022
Corpse Husband’s New Project Coming Soon

After a long hiatus from both his YouTube channel and musical career, Corpse Husband, a well-known streamer and musician, has finally teased some upcoming projects.

One of the few well-known “faceless” YouTubers, Corpse Husband is a massively popular influencer. In late 2020, the social media star began narrating horror videos on YouTube before moving into the world of streaming with the success of Among Us. He’s also grown well-known for his original songs since then, even collaborating with Machine Gun Kelly on a song.

The influencer hasn’t been active in a long time, despite his great popularity and huge following. Since late November, he hasn’t streamed on Twitch or published a YouTube video to his main channel.

Corpse, on the other hand, does occasionally appear on Twitch streams of his friends. Corpse stated he’s finally got some projects in the works that he can’t wait to discuss during a recent broadcast with friend ‘TinaKitten’.

During their conversation, he admitted, “So many things I wanna talk about, but I can’t talk about,”

TinaKitten jokingly asked; “Oh, really?” in which Corpse confirmed stating; “Yeah, really. The wait will be over soon.”

Since gracing our ears with ‘HOT DEMON B!,’ Corpse Husband hasn’t produced an official song. In September 2021, TCHES NEAR U’ was released, and it immediately racked up 11 million Spotify streams. Many listeners are already speculating that these next ventures may feature new songs, and it’s evident that Corpse’s fans are eager for more music. It’s impossible to say what these unannounced projects will be — but fans are thrilled anyway, as they haven’t heard from their favorite content creator in a long time after he stated that he wouldn’t be streaming again until something major happened.