Corpse Husband Wary of Fans Trying to Find Him in Real Life

TwitchAddict July 2, 2021
Corpse Husband Wary of Fans Trying to Find Him in Real Life

Youtuber and musician corpse husband has opened up about being scared and worried about the fans who were trying to find him in real life.

Corpse husband has rise into popularity during the year 2020 amid the Among Us hype. Since then, corpse husband became known for his humorous collaborations with other content creators across platforms in the Among Us game and has even built a successful music career in the meantime. He is one of the internet’s most popular “faceless” content creators on Youtube, however, it seems like keeping his identity private has made him fearful that someone will expose his real identity.

While his fanbase is largely supportive of his privacy, that hasn’t stopped them from breaking the internet every time he shows some parts of his body such as his hands and because of this Corpse worries that some day, someone will take things too far. Corpse Husband opened up about this during his recent live broadcast together with his fellow streamer and friend Valkyrae.

In the stream, at first they were both joking around about the issue but then Corpse Husband further expressed his point of concern and what scares him. He stated; “That scares me, like what if someone yells my name in real life from outside my window, or like someone walks by and yells their address and what if my doorbell rings?”

Valkyrae replied stating; “You don’t want your chat to hear the doorbell.” Corpse Husband further added in response to Valkyrae; “If someone’s gonna go through every house and ring every doorbell and wait until they hear mine on stream ever. It’s a rational fear. Come on, Valkyrae! Thank you for validating my fear, Valkyrae.”

This is not the first time that Corpse Husband has opened up about his fear as previously, Valkyrae revealed how serious his fear of people is as she claimed that Corpse can’t even answer phone calls for doctors’ appointments for fear that they might leak his address or expose him.