Corpse Husband Offends Pokimane, Sykkuno, And Valkyrae

TwitchAddict January 11, 2021
Corpse Husband Offends Pokimane, Sykkuno, And Valkyrae

Popular youtuber and faceless youtuber Corpse husband plays the popular game Among Us together with other streamers such as Valkyrae, pokimane and others. During one of their recent among us game sessions, Corpse Husband ended up hilariously offending his three friends Sykkuno, valkyrae and pokimane.

During the game, the three streamers thanked Corpse Husband by organizing the players in the stream. Corpse Husband responded by saying that it was hard work putting all of the people together. Then suddenly to everyone’s surprise, Lil Nas X also thanked Corpse Husband but for a different reason. Lil Nas stated; “Thank you for letting me see your face, Corpse!”, which put the three streamers in shock. Valkyrae started to talk animatedly, while Sykkuno explained that he was offended. Pokimane made it a point to tell Corpse Husband that she was “offended.”

Corpse husband explained the situation; “He is the only one I could trust coz he has a lot at stake.”

Because of this, his friends got angrier, and so Corpse Husband explained that Lil Nas had agreed to play Among Us with them only if he saw Corpse Husband’s face.