Corpse Husband Defeats Jschlatt

TwitchAddict February 13, 2021
Corpse Husband Defeats Jschlatt

The UK-based clothing brand GymShark recently held a twitter competition where the reply that garnered the most likes would get a billboard of whatever the Tweet said in Times Square. Of course, some of the fans have been helping their other favorite content creators to get into the billboard but then it seems that Corpse husband’s fanbase was much larger than we think it is.

As GymShark tweeted out; “Blow this up. Whoever gets the most liked comment we’ll put on a billboard in times square #GymsharkBillboard”. Corpse husband retweeted it and replied; “STREAM E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!”

The popular youtuber JSchlatt also replied to the tweet as he wrote; “I like men”, and this post came close to the corpse’s tweet as several Minecraft YouTubers attempted to help.

It was a close fight between corpse and JSchlatt, however, Corpse beat him out by almost 20,000 likes. GymShark further tweeted as the competition ended; “Clearly, his stans are unmatched, @Corpse_Husband, See you on a billboard very soon.” The hashtag #CORPSEBILLBOARD trends online as Corpse Husband is set to receive his own billboard at Times Square. Twitter was abuzz with a plethora of reactions, as the Corpse Husband’s fandom had a meltdown.