Consequences Faced By Pokimane

Ennan Zapanta June 2, 2022
Consequences Faced By Pokimane

Pokimane, a Twitch Gaming star, recently experienced amusing results while attempting to provide information about an imposter with fellow OTV members during an Among US livestream.

TinaKitten (impostor) shut down Pokimane as she tried to divulge information about the imposter, which was an interesting turn of events. Tina was really clear about her evil plans, since she didn’t even give Poki the chance to finish her sentence. Poki had nothing to say for a few minutes after the incident because it was so unexpected. Her reactions revealed that she was absolutely taken aback. With all of the chaos, prominent streamer Sykkuno stated: “There is no way, I did that perfectly right? That was out of a movie. “

Sussy Sunday Among Us streams, hosted by OTV member Sussy, are summarized in three words: fun, mayhem, and just the proper amount of competition. 

In 2022, Among Us was one of the most popular titles, with a large number of people tuning in to watch every stream featuring the imposter-themed game. Streamers who played the game saw their popularity skyrocket in terms of follower count on their individual streaming platforms as a result of such remarkable numbers. 

The trend is continuing, as expected. Among Us was played frequently by OTV members Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Poki, TinaKitten, Disguised Toast, xChocoBars, and Corpse Husband during their joint livestreams on Sunday, and fans loved every minute of it. More importantly, Pokimane was humorously shut down by Tina Kitten during the May 30, 2022 program as she attempted to expose her. What follows is a humorous chain of events.

Tina Kitten (imposter) reacted at the most ideal time while Pokimane was in evil guesser mode, just as Pokimane was about to divulge something essential about the imposter. 

As the most epic shutdown of all time, the killing elicited a flood of reactions from fellow players.