Charizard Statue

TwitchAddict October 12, 2021
Charizard Statue

Only a Mimikyu would consider destroying an ultra-rare, $200,000 first edition holographic Charizard Pokémon card to make a little statue. North of the Border, a YouTuber and maker of “small weird stuff,” has thankfully not gone completely Mimikyu. That’s why he made his fiery statue out of a fake first edition Charizard card, which, while not worth $200,000, makes us want one as a bookshelf decoration.

Adam, a.k.a. North of the Border, has uploaded a Charizard card statue to his YouTube channel. Adam, who draws influence from popular culture, has already created a plethora of wonderfully sculpted statues similar to this one. This features statues of characters from comic books, as well as Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty.

Adam demonstrates how he made his Charizard statue in the video above, beginning by recreating the ultra-rare Pokémon card with a cardboard cutout. The card Adam copies is the same one that Logic, a rapper and Twitch streamer, spent $220,000 for in late 2020. Later that year, a genuine first edition version of the card was sold for $369,000.

Adam then goes on to build and carve the statue itself after finishing his card. The build is documented in a 10-minute time-lapse movie, but suffice it to say that it begins as an abstract Loch Ness Monster and finishes as a flying (type) success. The flames that encircle the burned card at the base of the statue are a particularly amusing detail; they’re lighted from beneath by real lights.

Around 11 minutes into the video, the creator and YouTuber display the final product, and it’s stunning. We could stare at that “fire” first edition card all day, and the flying Charizard looks amazing. Better still, invite some collector friends over to see it. Allow them to believe for a moment that roughly $200,000 has gone missing.