Buddha Shares His Positive Health Update

Rose Andres Amiel November 20, 2022
Buddha Shares His Positive Health Update

Lucas ‘Buddha’ Ramos, a GTA RP livestream who underwent emergency surgery for a brain bleed, has released another update on his health.

When Buddha stated he will require urgent brain surgery on November 12th, the Grand Theft Auto RP community became concerned for one of its most well-known content creators. The Twitch king revealed that he needed emergency brain surgery to drain the blood after doctors found a hemorrhage on his brain. Many people had to wait in suspense before xQc, a fellow streamer and friend of Buddha, gave them the happy news that “he’s safe and made it out good.” He is currently relaxing and healing. People can feel at ease about it.

The streamer has since provided a good news update on his health. Buddha verified in a tweet on November 18th that he has finally been released from the hospital after spending over a week there after surgery.

He wrote in a message that was first sent through Discord; “Hey all [I] got discharged today. They claimed the surgery went well and kept me at the hospital to make sure I was okay. I go back for a CT scan in 2 weeks but assuming all goes well and I don’t show any symptoms I’ll make a full recovery in a few months.” 

He explained that in addition, “anti-seizure” medication had been provided, and he intended to approach his rehabilitation day by day. Buddha continued: “[There’s] no timetable for [a] return considering this was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for all the kind words and love, it means a lot and helps me push through. [I] will update here when I can.” 

Fans expressed relief at the news and kept wishing the streamer a quick and complete recovery.