Banned Due To Sound Effects

TwitchAddict November 16, 2020
Banned Due To Sound Effects

Recently, many Twitch streamers, including famous ones, were banned from Twitch because of DMCA strikes for listening to music while streaming. Some of the streamers said on Twitter that they were banned and muted on Twitch because of games’ sound effects.

The sound effects of the games; Emily Wants to Play when a grandfather clock chimes, a gust of wind in World of Warcraft, police sirens in Persona 5 and birds and insects in Hitman: Blood Money have all been reported to have violated DMCA regulations.

Twitch apologized again and put out a new statement regarding the issue and apologized for making an “upsetting situation even worse”. Twitch also added; “Answers to questions on such a complicated topic deserve a more complete response […] We’re gathering all your questions and appreciate you continuing to reach out”.

As of now, while waiting for the Twitch statement, they advised streamers to delete any copyrighted material from their old videos to prevent problems and troubles.