Asmongold Reason For Not Using Facebook

Ennan Zapanta February 23, 2022
Asmongold Reason For Not Using Facebook

Asmongold jokingly explains why he no longer uses Facebook, claiming that he has the same experience every time he uses the app.

Zach “Asmongold” is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, and he just returned to streaming on his regular account with great success. He’s been streaming on a much smaller Twitch account in recent months to relieve the strain he feels when he has a large audience following him. He only returned a week and a half ago, attracting a crowd of almost four hundred thousand people at its peak. Since his comeback, he has continued to draw enormous crowds while playing games like the Lost Ark and World of Warcraft.

During his most recent stream, he responded to YouTuber MatPat’s video about Twitch’s “react” meta, stating his complaints and displeasure with both the streamers that participated in the craze and Twitch for allowing it to happen. MatPat talks about how copyright is handled on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook in the video, claiming that Twitch is one of the few sites online that doesn’t try to “self-police” itself when it comes to removing copyrighted content. 

When Asmongold mentioned Facebook, he went on to say that he doesn’t use it nearly as much as he does YouTube and Twitch. “Facebook has a very complex system, too. I don’t really go on Facebook anymore.” 

He then explains to his chat why he no longer uses Facebook, alleging that he sees the same thing on his feed every time he logs in. “Every single time I go on Facebook, I see a middle-age mom posting minion memes, and then I realize that I went to highschool with her, and I have to go lay down.”

On Reddit, numerous individuals expressed their responses to the video, with some stating that they, too, suffer from the same problem. While Asmongold confessed that he is part of the minion-crazed generation’s age group, he does not appear to have the same affection for them as others.