Amouranth Applauds xQc

Rose Andres Amiel March 12, 2023
Amouranth Applauds xQc

Amouranth reacted to xQc’s unheard song, and she fell head over heels for it. Two people have been consistently in the news over the past few weeks as a result of their podcast being an instant sensation on YouTube.

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel resumed his show and had ASMR royalty Amouranth as his first guest. As a concession to xQc for losing a wager, the latter had to be mentioned on it. Felix apparently accepted Amouranth’s challenge to lose the marbles game on his stream in exchange for her agreeing to give him an interview. And observe how smoothly everything went as the two met and discussed a variety of topics. But a few days later, the well-known streaming duo appeared on a broadcast once more. But this time, the subjects were distinct. In other words, Amouranth and xQc generally discussed unimportant topics, such as relationships, TikToks, and other topics. Still, one particular scene—in which she responded to xQc’s unheard song—became the buzz of the town.

Amouranth received a scorching question from xQc’s buddies when Felix and Amouranth were speaking. They questioned her about hearing his music because he had been working on it for some time. But when she learned about it, she seemed surprised because she had not anticipated it from the streamer. 

So she promptly asked him to lend her the headphones as he played the music in order to brighten the space. Amouranth initially felt conflicted about the artist because she thought it had a “announcer’s voice.” But as soon as the verse began, fans could hear her groove.  She even mentioned that it reminded her of Lil Nas X because the song had a similar vibe.

She said; “There’s elements in it that remind me of Lil Nas X. It gives Rodeo vibes,”

The ASMR queen concluded by stating that she liked the song and even inquired as to what inspired it.