Amouranth Amazon Investment

Ennan Zapanta May 16, 2022
Amouranth Amazon Investment

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, a Twitch streamer, has stated that she has made yet another significant investment. She has spent almost $1 million on Amazon stock this time.

Amouranth, in addition to being a content creator, has found a number of ways to assist her make money, including developing a lucrative profession on OnlyFans and purchasing a 7/11 gas station. Her stock investments, on the other hand, have brought in some mind-blowing sums for the streamer. She spent $2 million on both Activision-Blizzard and Google stock, to name a few of her high-profile transactions. Now, Amouranth has invested even more money in one of the world’s most powerful corporations, Amazon, which also owns Twitch.

Amouranth tweeted on May 11 that she had purchased “500 shares” of Amazon stock. The streamer said she spent a total of $1,084,000 on the buy, with each share costing $2169. 

Amouranth said; “Will be bumpy but like this is a no-brainer for me (and I’m a dumb e-girl) Doubly no-brainer when you have a 7 fig cashflow monthly coming in.”

Amouranth described the acquisition as “free money,” and said that she has restricted orders in place for her Amazon, Google, and Microsoft investments. Amouranth has a stock investment strategy in place to ensure she is making the best financial decisions possible.  She even has a “portfolio that does mid 6 [figures] on the dividends alone.” 

However, she acknowledged that assessing the investment’s long-term viability and ethical implications could raise some concerns. 

Amouranth said: “It’s not at all what you would call ESG so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist…[be right back] going broke when I hit a wall or whatever it is the hater bois say.”

Amouranth has added yet another big-name company to her portfolio of interests, which will help her keep the cash flowing while she bids farewell to her e-girl career. Any profit she makes from the transfer will almost certainly go towards her new e-girl agency.