Adin Ross Reacts To Andrew Tate’s Appeal

Rose Andres Amiel March 15, 2023
Adin Ross Reacts To Andrew Tate’s Appeal

Kick streamer Adin Ross hosted a Just Chatting show on his channel on March 13, 2023. He also reacted to the news that Andrew Tate, a controversial internet personality, had his request to be released from detention heard by the Romanian court.

Adin believed that the Tate brothers should be granted bail because there was “no evidence” that they had committed any crimes. He continued by calling the circumstance “super ridiculous.” He then viewed a video posted by YouTuber Braso, who gave more information. The former Twitch streamer stated after seeing the content creator refer to the Tate brothers as “millionaires”: “I feel like this is such a stupid f**king statement. They’re not just millionaires, they’re f**king legends, bro! ‘W Tates,’ in the f**king chat! And by the way, this is real brotherhood. Things they’re doing for each other. Holding each other. You know what I’m saying, chat? Free the f**king Tates, bro!”

When Adin Ross, 22, realized that Andrew Tate’s appeal will be heard on March 14, 2023, he continued to watch the video and exclaimed: “Oh, my god! Tomorrow’s actually a really, really special day! March 14, 2023, we’re going to find out if Mr. Andrew Tate is free. And the following day, we’ll find out if Mr. Tristan is free.”

Adin Ross expressed hope that Andrew Tate’s prison term wouldn’t be increased because he was a great admirer of the former professional kickboxer. Then he made a prediction about when he will be freed from prison: “Here’s what needs to happen. Okay? Here’s what I can see these Romanian motherf**kers doing, chat. They are probably going to release one of them. This is my prediction. What do you guys think? Either one of them gets released, or they don’t release any of them. Because I feel like, they’re going to do something like that. Weird s**t!” 

The native of Florida went on to say that since there was “no evidence,” the divisive character should be let out of jail: “Obviously, chat, we want both of them out. They have to be out. They have nothing on them. We all know that it’s all bulls**t and just stupid propaganda. But yeah, you know, we got to figure this s**t out. For real. I don’t want to see another extension or another 30 days. It’s just ridiculous! There is no evidence!”