Adin Ross Permanently Banned

Rose Andres Amiel February 28, 2023
Adin Ross Permanently Banned

Days after Adin Ross finally decided whether he would stream on Twitch or Kick moving forward, the Amazon-owned platform abruptly changed the course of the narrative by banning him.

Although neither party had acknowledged it, it appeared at the time that it was probably a permanent ban from the streaming website. Ross eventually revealed it was during his Kick stream on February 26, but only after lashing out and declaring that the platform, which is owned by Amazon, was out to get him and his friends. He stated; “I already signed my deal. It don’t matter. I already locked myself into Kick. Thank god. Because I told everyone that Twitch was out to get me, bro. They’re out to get me. They’re out to get Kai. They’re out to get all these fucking streamers. All of them. Every single one of these streamers, bro.”

Ross added that Twitch would not have permanently banned him if he had “blue hair” and took care of his “make-up and fingernails.” It’s unclear what he meant, but it appeared that he was bringing up hot tub streamers allegedly avoiding bans—a topic he has previously discussed. The 22-year-old streamer then acknowledged that he had been “permanently banned” from Twitch, but argued that it had happened for “no reason at all” and even went so far as to add that it “basically makes no sense.” 

Twitch informed that he had broken a rule relating to “unmoderated hateful conduct in chat, such as racist and anti-Semitic messages” in the platform’s Community Rules. In any case, Ross was happy to have moved to Kick before it occurred, even though he didn’t agree with their justification. How he does on the new streaming platform will be interesting to watch.